Do you provide a full exhibition stand contractor service?

Yes – we offer a project management service looking after all aspects of your exhibition stand. This service is tailored to meet your specific requirements utilising the skills and expertise you already have at your disposal while ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Do you design in-house?

Yes – exhibition stand design is a key part of what we do. However we are happy to work from designs supplied by you or your design team. We will always ensure the stand design meets with the approval of the event organisers and is structurally sound without compromising the design concept.

Are your stands for hire or to buy?

We offer stands on a hire or purchase basis – or a combination of the two. Meeting budget restrictions while maintain creativity and flexibility in managing your stand is a key element in developing a lasting professional relationship. Printed and branded elements are always purchased however structural elements and stand accessories can be bought or hired.

Which is more cost effective, to hire or buy?

This depends on the complexity of the stand, how often it is likely to be used and how much flexibility needs to be built in. We can provide estimates for all options with no obligation.

Can we build our own stand?

Yes – there are a number of self-build options, some with little or no tools required. The only restriction is the level of skill, aptitude and time you have available to invest in the project.

Do provide training for self-build options?

Yes – we can arrange a demonstration, pre-event training or we can install your stand with you at the first event ensuring you have the knowledge and capability to dismantle the stand after the event and re-install it at the next.

Do you offer stand storage?

Yes – storage and maintenance of your stand can be included as part of our management service ensuring all elements are in good condition and fit for purpose when delivered to the next event.